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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crochet tutorial (Double Crochet)

Hello again!!! here's the third tutorial. You'll learn how to make the double crochet stitch... Now, let me explain a few things before you start watching the video. I started the double crochet (dc) row on top of a sc row. If your pattern starts with a chain and then double crochet, you'll have to make the foundation row and then 3 more chains, in this case you'll make the 1st dc on the fourth (4th) chain from the hook. For example, the pattern starts like this: Chain 25. You chain 25 plus 3 more with a total of 28 ch. (which represents the first dc of the first row). I really hope this makes sense :\ Here's the video to make it a little easier... (oh! I edited part of the video in slow motion, so you'll be able to see better every step.)

Here it is!!!

Enjoy!!! ^_^


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