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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bake It Baby!!!

Hello again readers!!! today I have a little present for you!!!,but first, let me start with a little story. On monday, my boyfriend asked me to bake a pineapple cake. We tried it last year, and it was so good!!!! it is not made from scratch, is one of those Betty Crocker cake mix, fast and easy :) (I do love making cakes from scratch though) it was just too late, so I didn't want it to take too long. Any way, the instructions are written in english (US), therefore, the temperature was on Fahrenheit (F) and the oven has the little numbers in Celsius (C) don't you hate when that happens?. Well, it's really annoying to me, I'm not used to either C or F haha, so every time I want to make a recipe I have to go back to the computer and look for the temperature chart thingy. I know that a lot of you guys out there are either used to Celsius or to Fahrenheit, and you may have the same problem as me, so here's my little gift to you... I designed this little chart with the temperatures commonly used when baking (not necessarily sweet recipes). You can print it, plasticize it (you know, this hard plastic cover) and put it on your fridge, that way you have it at hand and you can used it with greasy, buttery, floury hands, then just wipe it clean. :)

Just right click the image, and save it to your computer. It is 3x4 in.

I hope you like the design. I might make some different ones ^_^. Please remember that it is for personal use only.



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