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Friday, June 25, 2010


Good morning!!! Today is a good day!!! last night I finished the first part of my pillow WIP ^_^ I'll be posting an update on that, probably tonight (that, if I'm not crocheting like crazy so I can finally see my new "master piece" ;)... I also created my second crochet pattern, ok, ok, it is not THE pattern (you know, nothing fancy or super intricate), it's a flower, and something that looks like a dream catcher but it's not, :\ does it makes any sense?, it will when you see the pictures. It is so exciting because a year ago I didn't have a clue of how to crochet, just practicing you start understanding the stitches and how you can create new shapes and patterns and then you're capable of trying new things. My mom has asked me several times to teach her how to crochet, the thing is that she lives in the US and live in Panama, so either way I have to make a video or take pictures and post a tutorial so she can see how it's done. So, I have decided to make tutorials for beginners, not that I'm a PRO, but just for those that look at the stitches and think - that is so HARD!!! how do you do that!!!, trust me, it is NOT a hard thing to learn. That way i'll be helping my mamma and all of you who interested. Just sit back and relax, get your cup of hot coffee or tea, watch my tutorials and hopefully I will get you hooked ;).

So here's the plan. I'm going to try to post a new tutorial every wednesday, that way you'll have the weekend to practice and the others days of the week to ask any questions and send me some pictures of course :). It is exciting, isn't it? I remember when I was looking for tutorials, some were great but others were a little...mmm...I can't find the right word, but I didn't understand very well. That's why I want to try to take the best pictures and make the best videos. I really hope you enjoy them and you'll see that in no time you'll be crocheting.

Stay tuned!!!

Ciao, Ciao!


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