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Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Goodies!!!

Hello again!! Today I'm excited because yesterday I bought some yarn!!! you know that feeling right? when you have some new goodies to work with, you don't even know where to start. I also got buttons, beautiful big buttons, I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for, but we'll see, something will come up. The idea of going back to the store and getting some more is really in my head right now, they have every color and size. Let's look at the pictures!!!

I don't think the colors show well on the pictures :\ These are not the best quality yarns, it is really hard to find yarn here in Panama, but they are soft and I believe polyester? I don't know, the label was written in Chinese :\. But they feel good though, I guess the crocheting/knitting world is not so big here. But I really liked these colors. They are kind of opaque, not so bright... that's why I got the pink and the light yellow, to trow some color to the bunch and make something pretty with it :) so stay tuned for new projects and tutorials!

These are my new buttons!!! I love the light colors and the combination. These are about 1" (1 inch) in diameter. Love them, love them...

Look at all the colors I got, they were on a basket, they had them separated in little bags with 5 buttons each, I guess these are the ones they don't sell and then they sell 5 for .99 cents... A good deal or what? and see? I almost got every color con the color wheel...

Here are the bigger ones, these were .40 cents for a baggie of 4 buttons!!! The size of each is about 1 1/8", and the purple here is way brighter in person (ha ha). The rainy season is here so the sky is mostly gray these days, and as a result, I can't take good pictures (and the flash would make things too bright!) you can tell I'm not the best photographer. Got any tips? :)

Last but not least, these little hot pink buttons. I paid .40 cents for 10 little buttons, these are maybe a 1/4".

So, do you want to know how much I spent for all of this? including yarn! $8.82... Isn't it a amazing???... I really want to go back. With this want to make a new bag for me! and maybe a trow pillow, with little buttons and some crocheted flowers. Any idea? I want to work on a new bag pattern. Phew! so many ideas running through my head right know. I better go and start sketching before they go away and vanish... Thanks again for visiting!!!



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