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Monday, June 14, 2010

Packing beads...

Hello!!! I haven't post the Update for the felt WIP :\ I've been packing all day long after days and days of procrastination. I really don't like packing, on my short 25 years of life (the truth is that I feel so old, this year I turn 26 and just thinking that in 4 years I'll be 30 makes me wanna hit the break and be 25 for a little longer hehe) this is the 19th time I move, that's why I don't like it, I'm tired of it, ok, that's another post.

Today I started packing my crafts goodies :( I had to decide what to keep out of the box so I can at least have a piece of yarn and make a little crochet flower (I'm exaggerating) or something to satisfy my crochet/craft craving. Until I got to my beads boxes, scary!!!... I have those plastic boxes that IF! for any reason you flip the box upside down you'll have a colorful rainbow of mixed beads (DISASTER!).

Remember I told you I've been making jewelry with beads since I was little, ok about 10 years or so we were moving, and I decided that instead of taking, I don't know maybe 12 to 15 little match boxes and baggies (where I kept some of my smaller beads) I'll just put them all together in a plastic container, NOT SO SMART!. After we got to our new home I found the little colorful plastic container, I said, no problem! whenever I want to work with these, I'll put some beads on a big plate and I can pick the colors I want, easy!. It didn't work, grrrr, every time I was beading it took me longer to find the bead I wanted than to make the entire bracelet. So I did the tedious task of separating them!!! Yeap every single one, every color, that's why I really DON'T want my beads to mix and make me go to that horrible hours of painful picking-beads-almost-blinding moment. After I remembered this, I said hmmm, this time, some other people are going to take the boxes for us, and I know, they're not gonna be careful enough to not turn the boxes upside down, even if you draw a BIG RED arrow pointing UP!. I was going to take each color and make little bags and throw them on a box, it was gonna take me forever, so my boyfriend gave this idea!

Grab a cotton ball and cover each space! :) I would never think of that... maybe it's just the way to do it, but I thought it was smart. So I grabbed a bunch of cotton I used once to shape an amiguruni and started "protecting" my beads :).

This is one of my boxes, see those uneven dividers?, I made them out of card stock, just so I could have more spaces and store more beads, the original spaces where too big for the amount of beads they sell so I was really wasting space there.

Here I started to put the cotton balls in place, do you think it is too much? what 'til you see the last picture.

A closer look...

This is the result!!! Trust me it is NOT enough!!! My precious beads would be nice and covered so they have no were to go... I can always use this cotton to remove my nail polish right? ;)

Here a side shot, and see?? They are not going anywhere!!!

After I closed the box I taped the edge so it would not, by any change, open!!! :)

Ok, this is it for tonight. My back hurts so bad I just want to lay down and dream of my little beads resting without moving :). I promise I'll post my WIP update tomorrow. I would love to know other ideas for beads and small craft material storage, let me know if you have some tips you can share :)

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