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Monday, July 5, 2010

Crochet Tutorial (Single Stitch)

Hello again ^_^. I really couldn't wait until Wednesday to upload the video and post the tutorial... This video shows you how to make the Single Crochet (SC) stitch. This one has higher quality so you'll be able to see better the subtitles. It is a basic stitch and practically the easiest. Once you know how to crochet the SC, you can do anything!!! really. I say on the video that it is a little tricky to start crocheting over the chain, yes, this is the most "difficult" part. I would recommend you to watch this video. Futuregirl, shows you how to make the chain and the foundation row (the first SC row) at the same time. It sounds complicated, but believe me, it's super easy. For those of you who are just starting, you can practice first with the traditional way, and then go to futuregirl's video. I really hope this videos are useful... and again, if you have any question post a comment or email me to bluefarfallina@gmail.com

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Watch the First Tutorial here.


futuregirl said...

Thank you for linking to my fsc video. :)

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