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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finished Pillow

Hello hello!!! Happy Monday to you all... *ahem* I'm not really a big fan of Mondays hehe ^_^ but today I'm excited because I finished my pillow!!! I finished it yesterday... I wanted to share the pattern with you guys but I think I'll violate the copyright of the magazine that published it... So, I'm sorry :\ there are thousands of similar patterns for free, plus it is not the hardest pattern you'll see... you know, I just can't. Let's take a look at the pillow!!!

I love the shape!!! Sometimes my neck hurts so bad that I get this horrible tension headaches, and I need something to help me rest the muscles on my neck. This pillow is perfect! because it's not so big. I'll just lay down give my neck some support and it would help relax the muscles. I'm sure some of you get tired after crocheting for hours, I think the shoulders and neck are tense because, although you're not doing some hard work, these muscles are constantly working :\ I recommend to work in a comfortable chair with arm rests. When I crochet on my bed I have to put a pillow under my left arm (yes, I'm a lefty :) it'll support my arm and that way I would not get those horrible headaches.

Ok, back to the pillow... Do you like the buttons?? I think I want to make another pillow, but this time I want to use just one color and put some big buttons in the front, what do you think? :) ... I have another finished project I'd like to show you tomorrow, I made it for my boyfriend's birthday yesterday :) So, see you tomorrow...

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You can see the making of the pillow here, and here.


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