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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Learning how to knit

A few weeks ago I wanted to practice a little knitting, I found my knitting needles, a bit of yarn and started casting on. I completely forgot how to begin!!!! so I had to go to YouTube *of course* (how did we live without it) for a little help. After a few tries I finally got it! it has been ages since the last time I used some of these kind-of-hard-to-use-at-the-beginning needles. Well, I realized I'm definitely at the beginner level of knitting. How fun right? I already started practicing the knit stitch and the purl stitch. I'm working on some ribbing now (which I love how it looks by the way) it was kind of tricky differentiate the knit and the purl stitch. I think I got it now but it looks like I'm knitting in slow motion :) It takes practice I know, that's what I thought when I was learning crochet (Oh! this is so hard!!! I could never make anything blah blah blah) So, I'll be sharing with you my "learning how to knit" journey.

This is called the Stockinette Stitch, trust me you don't wanna see the edge of this swatch... but you can see the row where I kind of mixed the stitches so a funky line popped up...

You don't know how proud I am of this Ribbing!!! I had to try several times before I could knit a few rows without any mistakes. It doesn't look very neat yet but trust me this swatch is perfect! compared to the ones I made before hehe.


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