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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hola Readers

I know I haven't been posting lately, I'm still busy busy :\. I wanted to say Hi! to you all. We're still planning our trip to Venezuela, we finally leave next week... YAY!!! I'll definitely show you some pictures of my country :) and also of a few exciting projects that I'm working on ;) So, you just have to keep visiting me ^_^

Talking about visitors, I forgot to tell you something!!! I already have 500+ visits to my blog. I know it doesn't sound like too much but I've been blogging for almost 3 months now and I'm just sooo excited. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look at the things I LOVE to make. Oh! and also, I have (1) follower hehe... How exciting!!! She's Becca-Lou and she makes beautiful things. She's been following me for a few weeks now, and I just "discovered" how to put the little Follow button on my blog (duh!). So now you can follow me too :). I love that Follow button myself, when I started reading blogs, I didn't know much about it so I kept my favorite ones bookmarked before I actually started Following :). Much more comfortable, don't you think? everyday you read the list of new posts instead of going from blog to blog to find out if something was posted that day. Anyway, Follow me, so you don't miss any of the new stuff I'm preparing for my lovely readers :) from Free Patterns, to New Tutorials and a new Etsy store... :) Yes, you don't wanna miss it! :)

Now I have to go back to my suitcase... I'll be back soon... ;)



Pearlin J said...

You have a great trip. I follow you on Bloglines :) Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Blue Farfallina said...

Thank you Pearlin J I can't wait to go back to my country for a little bit :) and thanks for following me it's exciting to know that people is interested on what I do, you know that feeling right? ;)

Thanks for visiting me ^_^

Lillabilly said...

Have a lovely, lovely trip and stay safe. Can't wait to see the pics when you get back - at the moment I can only dream of travelling!

Gillian said...

I have just found your beautiful blog through iCrochet, I look forward to following you :)

have a lovely trip!

Blue Farfallina said...

Thanks Gillian!!! I have also found many blogs through iCrochet, It was a great idea to create that website, right? Thanks for following me, how exciting!!!

I'm on my way to your blog ;)

V. ^_^

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