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Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Rattle

For a few months I've been making amigurumi dolls. I said I wanted to come up with 15 patterns of my own. I've made the Jellygurumi, the Lady Frog and this Baby Rattle. I'm actually working on the 4th pattern which is a Dog. I can't wait to show you. This one is very very simple, I took several pictures while I was working on it ... Let's see...

These are the colors I picked.

I sewed the two together... I wanted the smaller circle to be off-centered.

Here's a sneak pick of the back or the inside of the rattle.

So, I needed a "device" to make the rattling sound. One of my migraine pills bottle was almost empty, and I remember that little annoying thing they put inside of it. (I say annoying because it gets in the way every time you're trying to take the pills out while your head is pounding) Horrible!!!. Anyway, I took the little plastic thing out, then the Silica beads and I had this perfect mini container for my beads.

Here it is!!! I'm gonna have to think of a better way to put the beads inside the rattle. :/

Then I started closing the circle while stuffing it, little by little...

Then I finished the stem and the leaves... yay!!! After I saw it finished I realized I could've used brighter colors, right?

Oh! by the way, this is a really quick project too... I'll be showing you my 4th project soon... I'm trying to come up with the pattern for the ears :) I want those to be long and big doggie ears. Stay tuned!!!



Sonia Ap. said...

Hello I liked your blog, congratulations. I find it very difficult to make amigurumi every thing is small. I thought that was cute. Thanks kisses in your heart. Sonia Ap.

Blue Farfallina said...

Thank you Sonia! You should try sometime to make an Amigurumi, it'll be hard to stop though ;)

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