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Friday, June 11, 2010

Felt... a colorful, easy, pretty little thing

Hello Again!!! I want to show you more of my felt finished projects. I love working with felt, is easy to cut, easy to sew, and there are many colors you can mix. It can be almost like drawing, you draw something that is in your mind, then cut the felt, and sew the pieces together, as easy as that. I'll post some more free patterns to help you get started and to give you a starting point.

I keep the sheets folded in half, so they won't wrinkle. The smaller pieces, I keep in a bag, usually they're so small that they wouldn't fold, I try to use as much as I can.
Oh! This picture is horrible! :\ but I wanted to show you how I did this piece. I folded a blank page in four and started cutting curly figures, then I opened the page and this "design" was the result. Something as simple as that can make a pretty and interesting project. See? I told you it was it's easy.

This is one of my favorites, it's simple and colorful.

Here's another example, just mixed some colors, I used different stitches, some sequins and Voila! :)

I hope you liked this post. You can use it as inspiration, sketch something you like, cut the felt and start making your next project!!! :)


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