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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers...

Last year I started looking for simple, easy patterns, to practice my poor crocheting skills. I found that instead of trying to make blankets, cushions or any projects that usually takes months to finish, it was better to make little things that I could make quickly. First, I tried granny squares, but after a while I got bored (Not that I don't like granny squares) I wanted to make something else. I bought this book and they have the best pictures, and the easiest instructions. Then I also found amazing tutorials on YouTube and many more on dozens of blogs.

These are some of the flowers I've made, I would totally recommend for those of you who are learning, to try some flowers because you get to practice different stitches and techniques.

I love how they look, different textures, sizes, colors. The combinations, once again, are endless... :)

I'm working in some of my own patterns and they would be available soon on this blog. Stay tuned :)

Enjoy! and start crocheting your bouquets!!!

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