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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make Your Own Stitchy Art...

The owl pattern is done!!!... but, because I'm new at blogging, I'm not really sure if I can upload the PDF file on Blogger. For what I researched I can't :( I will be posting the file on jpg format. If there's any problem with it I will be happy to email the PDF file.

If you want to copy this image to your computer it's fine. But again, if you have any problem, comment bellow to see how can I help.

Ok now, you can use different colors, you can also use fabric or any other embellishment you like. It's really just the first step to start your piece, from here you're free to make whatever you like...

I hope you enjoy making this stitchy project, with no hurries and a hot cup of coffee by your side :)



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