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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pillow Update

Hello Hello!!!... How was your weekend?! I had a crochet weekend. I crocheted all day long yesterday, and part of Saturday. That's why the pillow it's almost finished, I'll take you through the "making of"...I still have to figure about what I'm going to use to close it. I took this pattern from a magazine, but this was a blanket. I followed the pattern, just as if I was making the blanket but I stopped at certain point to make a square... Here...

This is a picture of the magazine, I love this blanket :) It's colorful and light.

If I kept going and going, I would have ended up with a pretty blanket. Maybe one of my next projects? It's really easy, quick and fun to make. So, I stopped when I had a 6x6 (circles) square.

Then I made the little connectors, which closes the pattern a little more. I also like it without the connectors.

This is the part I had to come up with, the sides. I wanted a cylinder shaped pillow, so I added some more rows to the same pattern and ended up with this 5. Then I stitched one end of the square to the circle.

Here's a close-up of the side... Can you see it's the same pattern?. This is an example of how you can take a pattern and make it into something else, add some personal touches and you have something different and original. What if you make a blanket and a matching pillow, that's another idea!!! :)

Here's another view, I stuffed it with white t-shirts, hehe. I still have to make the white pillow. I want to be able to take it out, that way I can wash it, and maybe change the color, hmm... different backgrounds, do you like the idea??

This is what I have so far, I will definitely post some more pictures soon, in fact, I'm going to work on it right now :) ... Thanks for visiting!!!

Ciao, Ciao!!!


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