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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday! Crochet Tutorial I

Hello readers!!! thanks for visiting again... Oh! Goodness!!! The making of this video took me longer than I thought!!! I've never uploaded a video on Blogger before, or on YouTube. I had to edit it twice... but at the end it came out how I wanted, soooo, here I have what I promised :) My first crochet tutorial for beginners. Now, let me explain a few things before we start. On the video I tried to go really slow and repeated some steps so you could see better what I was doing. If the music bothers you, you can always play it mute :). I had to play some background music, because I live by a really busy street, so you'll only hear buses and cars. You can also pause it or rewind it, so you don't miss any step, that's what I like about video tutorials :).

On this tutorial I'll show you how to make the Slip Knot and the Chain which is abbreviated this way (Ch.) and I also show how the Right Side (RS) and the Wrong Side (WS) of the chain look like. I have this picture from a magazine that shows the difference between the RS and WS, just in case you can't see the difference on the video.

See? the RS has like V's close together, and the WS has vertical lines. You'll need to be able to know the difference for some projects and for the next tutorial as well.

I really hope you liked the video, I know it's of the best quality, I have to practice more... Well, it was the first time, I guess next time is going to be easier :) ... If you're having any trouble or you have questions about the tutorial email me to bluefarfallina@gmail.com or comment below, I'll be happy to help you.

Thanks for watching!!!
Now, grab your hook and start crocheting!!! :)

Chao, Chao!


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