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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flower Pincushion

Those of you who've been reading my blog know that I love easy-quick projects. I always have big WIP's but I get bored easily with them. So, I'm always looking for fun projects to distract myself from tedious projects, well, not tedious just projects that take longer to finish... you know what I mean. Anyway, surfing through Ravelry I found this BEAUTIFUL pincushion. It took me probably 2-3 hours to complete, while watching a movie :) so, trust me it's a really quick project!!! I love it! so colorful and cute! Of course you can use any color and anything you want, to decorate the top... just fun!!!

What do you think???!!! You should try to make one... ;) You'll love it.



Pearlin J said...

its beautiful!

Blue Farfallina said...

Thanks Pearlin J!!! You should try to make one... super easy!!!

Thanks for visiting... ^_^

Lillabilly said...

That's super-cute! I've just discovered Ravelry myself, it's awesome!

Blue Farfallina said...

Thanks Lillabilly! You'll love Ravelry, you can find almost any pattern there... and A LOT of them are free... who doesn't like free patterns right? ;)

Thanks for visiting ^_^

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