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Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Secret Project" Revealed

It's finally done!!! I finished the legs, hands, and feet!!! and guess what? I LOVE IT!!! I'm so proud of this pattern... It's all mine! ^_^ It shouldn't have take me so long to finish, because it's not hard at all... but you know, my headaches :\ . I had to make this pretty lady little by little so my eyes wouldn't bother me. So, I'll shut up now, let's see the pictures!!!

My secret project is............... a Lady Frog!!!


I like how this last picture came out, she looks so relaxed... So, what do you think? Is she cute? I know frogs can be gross sometimes, really gross actually hehe, but this one is PRETTY!!! I've never been a fan of frogs or anything, I was just doodling one day and I drew this cute frog. That's where the idea came from. I'm working on something for Lady Frog, she needs some clothes right? Stay tuned to see what I'm making ;)

Thanks for visiting again!!!


Becca-Lou said...


Really lovely blog. So pleased I found you, loving your creations might have to give the puffy heart a go.

Looking forward to following you.

Blue Farfallina said...

Becca-Lou. I'm glad you liked my blog. You should definitely try to make the puffy heart, It's so easy and pretty. She has the prettiest amigurumi patterns.

Thanks for stopping by ;)

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